Strange issue with Enum Select and Flipbook Variables

I’m in the process of creating an animation state machine function for a paper2d character, and I’ve hit a bit of an issue. The following is working fine:

However when I start connecting Flipbook variables into the Select node, the last 3 animation states stop working - the character sprite just appears blank, and when I print the value of “Output Flipbook” I can see it’s empty:

I’m certain it’s something related to the variables because:

  • If I plug “T_RunningToIdle1Flipbook” into the Idle state, the animation does not show up.
  • However if I change the value of “IdleFlipbook” to the same flipbook as “T_RunningToIdle1Flipbook”, the animation DOES show up.

I even tried duplicating one of the variables that does work, and the duplicated variable had the same issue.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be occurring? Have I missed something obvious when creating the variables?