Strange Glow in 4.17 Blueprint Viewport

Easy to reproduce. created a blueprint with the following components, including the ‘plane’ mesh that comes with the engine.


Hah… if bloody only :wink:

Old tonemapper comming back confirmed, that’s just a teaser :smiley:

Hi TheJamsh, this should be resolved in the next 4.17 preview.

I’ve been seeing this on entire scenes when running VR preview PIE in 4.16- it appears to be caused by the presence of a sky light in the scene. Doesn’t happen in the editor viewport or VR editor.

Will this be fixed in 4.17 also, or should I open a new report?

Hi ,

I merged in a fix for all the cases of green flickering we’d seen to the release branch (caused by a scissor rect clear/set timing issue leading to failed rendering) so that should be in the next preview build. I don’t have a HMD to test the VR Preview with but I’d imagine it is the same issue being seen elsewhere. If you have a reliable repro though, there’s no harm in creating another ticket to ensure it gets seen by the VR team!