Strange FindLookAtRotation with Steering behavior - Yaw values alternates

I’ve implemented simple steering behavior (seek) like described in this [article][1]. The steering works fine, so far.

But my rotation does not work as as I would like. My ship should turn towards the target. But if the ship will turn, it looks like in this video I’ve made:

[Video showing wrong rotation][2]

For that I use the FindLookAtRotation like this:

In the video, linked above, you can see a cyan vector which visualizes the velocity vector. In my opinion, the velocity should give a good target for the relative rotation. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

What’s also strange is that the Yaw value is alternating. It’s changing its sign permanently like you can see in the debug hud output. But these are the values the node FindLookAtRotation gives me.

Anybody an idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

That’s a wrong use of “FundLookAtRotation” , if you want to face the direction of the velocity , from Velocity make Rot from X

Cool, this works. Thank you. Can you explain me the difference between those two approaches? FindLookAtRotation uses MakeRotFromX internally as well. But MakeRotFromX(target-start).

There is a difference between location and direction.

Velocity, get forward vector are directions

FindLookAtRotation" needs a startLocation anda TargetLocation