Strange destructible mesh problem after salvaged project

Hi guys so .A few weeks ago i had a massive hard drive fail and i thought i had lost everything …However i managed to access the drive and save a few things …But i am left with a strange problem regarding my destructible mesh … My ship is coded to explode when it crashes . However my crumble mesh as i call it is activating early …I have given a video to show the problem

Nobody have any ideas?

No idea dude sorry. It looks looks the DM physics are frozen WTF? :confused:
But if you still have corruption in the project, anything could happen.
Maybe recreate the DM and re-test. Plus Migrate out the project etc…

Stll having this problem guys …I have been working on small gamejam games but would like to get back to this project . if possible

Hey dude! What have you tried meantime to troubleshoot this?

Ok so i fixed the issue …But i have no idea why this worked…My old hard drives logic board was fine …I replaced the logic board from the old hard drive onto my new one since they are both exactly the same drive … Not even thinking it would have any effect on the project file since that makes no sense … howeve some kind of voodoo shit has happened and now my project is not only loading faster but is back to working as if it were never broken … I cant imagine this fixed the issue but i did nothing else

Where’s the cartoon for:

My code works, don’t know why -

My code doesn’t work, don’t know why… :stuck_out_tongue: