Strange behaviour pn transparency of particles

These two images were taken seconds apart. The deciding factor seems to be the angle at which I’m looking at it from.

I’ve gone through all the settings in the particle material and can’t seem to fix the issue.

I want the material to look like the upper image regardless of the angle I’m looking at it from.

Can anyone suggest why this is happening and/or how to fix it? If you need any other screen shots to help, let me know and ill post them up ASAP.


It looks like your water material underneath the particles is also transparent. Is that the case?

Yes it is.

Then you have just entered a world of pain. If you don’t go into the water, fake the transparency and the particles will work nicer. otherwise embark on your steep learning curve of transparency sort priorities, particle origins and bounds and other black magics. Good luck.

You could set the translucency sort priority on the particles to be higher than the river actor but particles under the water will still appear to be on top.

haha good to know it wasn’t just my own ineptitude. I’ve changed the water to fake the transparency now and the issue is for the most part gone. Thanks for the input Chris. Really appreciated.

For anyone else who stumbles across this thread its actually really easy to fix this,

Just select the object which is “on top” and in the details panel go down to rendering>expand it by clicking the little white triangle>Go down to "Translucency Sort Priority and set it to a higher number.


Thanks Chris. Sorted this out by having the particles destroyed on overlap with the water system.