[Strange Behaviour / Bug] On Cursor Over Sphere Collision

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I built a simple system that highlight the actor you are currently targeting with your cursor. I’m using a Sphere Trigger around my actor to detect the cursor.

But I’m encountering a strange bug / behaviour while using “Cursor Over” a “Sphere Collision”. It’s like half the Sphere is not triggering the “On Cursor Over”.

Here’s a video showing the behaviour in action:

Here’s the blueprint that commands the Cursor Over system:

Blueprint Over.jpg

Here’s the Collision Presets for the MouseOverBox:


So, what do you guys think ? Where does the problem come from ?

Thanks in advance for any answer :slight_smile:

Up. Anyone, any idea ? :slight_smile:

Make sure your sphere is Blocking visibility and Mouse Over Events is Enabled

I can’t upload the screenshots regarding the “MouseOverEventsEnabled = True” right now but it is enabled.

The SphereCollisionPresets screenshot have been uploaded already and as you can see, the Visibility is being blocked.

It looks like the “OnCursorOver” does trigger, just not all the time. I’m not sure why.