Strange audio and visibility problem

I have a simple scene in which an event trigger playing an audio file and toggles an actor’s visibility to TRUE. This does happen, but poorly. The actor flickers into view and the audio seems to stutter at the start.

Any thoughts?


Post a picture of your blueprint setup :slight_smile:

Here is my setup:



Hmm, that looks correct to me -> what kind of event do you use to fire this action?

  • does it also happen when you add this setup into one of the template maps? :slight_smile:

This was added into a starterMap. I also copied everything into a blank level, and the problem still exists.

I figured out what created the problem what happens is when the player collides with an object, it is animated with a **timeline **node, the UPDATE from the timeline node was sent to a SetRelativeRotation node, and the output exec path went to an event dispatcher, which triggered all of the sound and object’s visibility. So it was essentially being called dozens of times, until the the timeline finished. The solution, obviously, was to exec the event branch once the timeline completed.

This raises a question, how do you continue the flow of your code, while a timeline is playing out?


You can use a “do once” node -> then it will be called just one time or you could add a sequence node before the timeline -> then the timeline + the sound will start to play :slight_smile:

Two great answers, Thanks!!