Storyboard Cutscenes in UE4?

Hello! I’m still pretty new to unreal and was wondering if they’re any tutorials out there on this subject. I’ve used matinee a little bit but instead of animating my 3d models I was wanting to import my drawings from photoshop and create a storyboard cutscene with voice acting, music, and so on. The best example I can think of would be the loading screen for Witcher 3.


I just watched the loading screen for Witcher 3 and I would guess that whomever did that sequence used something like After Effects along with maybe Cinema 4D for the 3D elements like that arcane clock. Lots of 2D layering and offset animation there too.

You could probably do all of that in Unreal but it sounds like you want to create something more akin to timing blockouts (animated storyboards) as opposed to a finished piece. Let me know if I have that wrong though.

Off the top of my head, you would start by turning your storyboard images into textures and apply then to a plane. Even just flattening the box BSP might do it, then you can control the UVs in Unreal. You can use these ‘cards’ and hold them up to a camera and control all of it via Sequencer. I think you’d want the material for your cards set to ‘unlit’ so it stays a flat colour.

There are a lot of ways you could do it, it depends on how you want to present the boards. You could just translate the cards from right to left to snap to the camera frame, or change opacity on them over time. The camera could be stationary, or you could scroll it across one giant image of all your boards.

The first step I recommend is going through the tutorials on Sequencer though.

If you mean to take your images all the way like the production piece in Witcher 3, that would involve some fancy punching. Doing that in Unreal would be intriguing.