Storing the location of a player if the location is changed in the used animation.

I am really new in Unreal Engine 4.25. I am constantly facing a problem of which I could find no solution. Whenever I use a dance animation from Mixamo and apply it on my character, the animation automatically changes the location (for example: 0,0,0 to 420,840,0) as dance steps. But as it is changed inside animation, the location of my player in the world is not changed (In the detail panel it is still 0,0,0). As a result whenever I play the second animation, it won’t play from (420,840,0) rather it takes my player back to (0,0,0) and then play the second animation. It would be of great help if anyone can tell me the solution to change my player’s location along with the animations.

Use / look into Root Motion.