Storing and Loading Levels - GameModeBP?

Presently I am storing the level names in an Array of Name in MyGameMode BP.

The MainMenu Level HUD gives the player the option to restart or start the next level. Because I have my level names in MyGameModeBP they are easily accessible and works, but it spawns the player character… If I remove the default player character from MyGameMode BP the levels don’t work because they don’t spawn the player character. So it seems I need two GameModeBPs for Menu and Levels?

My question is, where is the correct place to store level names so that they are accessible globally? I assumed MyGameModeBP would be a good place but if I don’t want to spawn my player character I need to change the GameMode BP and then I don’t have access to my level names…???

I believe I’m tackling this from the wrong direction.

I never get this obsession with the game mode BP. As far as I know ( and, hey, I could be very wrong ) it’s only there to connect all the other BPs.

Stuff you’re talking about like level name, and which level has been completed etc, should go in the save game.

It’s always available, permenent storage…

You need to store level names in Game instance.

That’s how it should be done in many cases.
Create HUD, Player Controller etc for MainMenu and put it in your “MainMenu Game Mode BP” and also do this for your game and different GameMode.
In Game Instance put persistent data like Level names everything will then make sense :slight_smile:

This is awesome. I knew my approach was wrong but needed a little guidance. Have sorted it now. Cheers