Stopping movement for top down games?

I’ve been tinkering around with the top down game template recently but one thing that has me confused is how to stop the player from moving. As far as I know, you can stop the character’s movement while traveling to the hit location when using “stop movement” and “stop movement immediately” with a button or mouse press. However the controlled character will continue moving once the button or mouse is released. Is there a way to completely zero out the rotation/location data so that the controlled character stops entirely?

I haven’t tried this yet myself, but perhaps it’s possible to create a branch with the condition that the LMB is pressed (clicked but not released). Though it could certainly be possible that the input and execute has “already been made” and will force the character to move to the location. Perhaps you could, at release of LMB get the actors current location and set the move function to that location if there isn’t any sort of stop movement node.

Did you try doing a “Simple Move to” to where the player already is? I would think it would cancel the current one just like when you click somewhere else while moving and it overrides it.

“Simple Move to” doesn’t work for me. Still can’t figure it out.

I did it with setting Max WalkSpeed of controlled character. It seems to work :slight_smile:


I didn’t use the exact thing, but I did find out I could copy and paste nodes from other projects so I went ahead and did that. Now it works! The odd thing is that I couldn’t find the node in the context sensitive menu until I opened another project (made from the first person template) and copied+pasted from it.