Stopping AI from picking the same EQS Cover Location?


I’m new to Unreal and have followed some tutorials to set up an AI that chooses cover points based on line traces every 10 degrees around the AI looking for cover spots that are in between the player and the AI. It also runs an EQS query that generates the points based on visibility trace to player context and distance to querier, prefer lesser.

However, all of my AI choose the same best cover point and get stuck on each other trying to reach that point. I’ve tried to use RVO avoidance but this does not work. Could someone help me work out how to make an AI choose the second best cover point if the first cover point is already taken by a different AI? I think this will be a behaviour tree task or just a part of the “take cover” BTT but I don’t know how to check if a cover point is already occupied and then set a boolean or something.

Any help at all is gratefully appreciated.

Thanks very much,