Stop wander on event animation?

Hi I have a character set up who is walking to random locations using this tutorial

“Unreal Engine 4 Intro to Character AI - YouTube

and I want him to be able to stop and point at the sky. I set up a play animation (Mesh) set up after an event begin play and a delay node of 10 seconds. However there are two issues.

1st The character stays stuck on the last frame of the pointing animation after it starts to play. How would I get back to the Animation blueprint I set up for that Character?

2nd When the pointing animation starts to play the character is still moving so it weirdly looks like he is sliding across the street. How would I get him to stop when this animation is playing?

So I managed to fix my 1st problem by using a set animation mode and I thought I had fixed my second problem by using a disable movement function which does work and stop the character moving forward but it just goes into idle mode after the delay is over. How would I turn off disable movement before the set animation mode kicks in?


Well I found the solution after thinking about my last question I posed. I had to play around with it a bit but it works if I use a Deactivate instead of a disable movement and then after the delay use an activate.