Stop Static Directional Light From Casting Dynamic Shadows?

Is it possible to stop a directional light from casting dynamic shadows? The link below seems to indicate that a static directional light will give baked lighting only but no matter what I do, all the shadows from my directional light (set to static, ‘cast dynamic shadows’ off) are still updated in real time (they move as trees sway in the wind, for example).


I’m trying to optimize my FPS and this directional light is my biggest expense. I have a lot of foliage and don’t want to get rid of all my shadows, I just don’t need them being updated in real time. I’ve even tried turning off dynamic shadows on the foliage, of which there shouldn’t even be any, and then all the shadows disappear. It really seems like my static directional light is casting only dynamic shadows. Am I missing something here?

Can anyone help?


Your static directional will only cast dynamic until build the static lighting using Lightmass. The engine is designed to fallback onto dynamic shadows in the case of no lightmap information to reference.