Stop hardcoding a kill-switch for Bloom & Split-Screen

[USER=“4894”]Tim Hobson[/USER]

Hi Tim, Do you remember this AH post?

Please return control back to developers, so we can toggle critical Split-Screen options.
Why make us build from source, just to fix a single hardcoded kill switch for split-screen.
The existing problem doesn’t even affect every project / dev, so why not let us decide???

1. Bloom
2. MotionBlur
3. TemporalAA

For sure, disable these by default as before. But add a new option to re-enable them:

As A: an **Experimental Option **Or B: Just make all three an INI setting like LPV etc.


I would also find this very useful. It wouldn’t take much time out of development of critical features just to enable this, even if the implementation still has issues. Specially since there doesn’t seem to be a plan to perform a deeper fix at the time. A lot of us would find it very practical. Those who need to thinker deeper will compile source anyways, but let’s not force most local co-op games to do so.

I second, or third, this motion… this would be very useful to my current project

I’ve put in a New Feature request - UE-57785. Please understand that this request may not be implemented or prioritized.

[USER=“903360”]Jon X[/USER]

Thanks Jon, fingers crossed!

@RexVex86 , @Diego_Visualma ,

Please help get the Upvote process started

@Fabulous_hotdog , @RyanHughes

Any interest in this still?

@thevfxguy13 , @marevalo , @Mosel3y , @Ketan @keyle

Could use some more Upvotes, thanks in advance…

@franktech Upvoted. I forgot about that answerhub post, unfortunate that there hasn’t been any progress since then.

@franktech email me:

I had a tutorial on how to enable bloom in split screen:

Hopefully this clears things up on how to do it!

I think the point here is not to download source code from github and compile just to enable bloom etc in split screen. Just make it an option (somewhere in ini file), not in the code.

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Interested in an easy way to Enable Bloom & Split-screen? - Please Upvote this

Just voted, thanks for the initiative!

No worries, thanks for voting. Hopefully Epic will show this area some love soon … :stuck_out_tongue:

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<<Bump>> - Trying to get a few more votes for this.
Get out ahead of the next Fortnite-Engine changes… :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean when they break more stuff in the engine lol


Vote here :cool:

Must be one of the most voted, unimplemented features?

Seems like an easy fix too. Any update Epic?

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