Stop Characters From Pushing Each Other

I have a player character that always pushing the other ai character. When I modified the collision, the ai character is pushing the player character. When I modified the collision to ignore, they collide with each other. I can’t figure out how to make them stop pushing each other.

Please anyone help me find the solution, it took me so many days to find a solution and still false to solve.
Thank you very much in advance!!!

Out of curiosity, what are the colliders involved here? Just the ones for characters, no additional ones like equipped items?

I have weapon attach to the player character, and sphere collision attach to ai character.

For specific, my ai character is a wolf. When it jump to attack my character, it always push my player character weirdly. I want the wolf not to collide with the player character mesh and stop pushing my character.

Make sure the weapons are not set to blocking or able to be stepped up on, for example. Not sure what the right one would be, but OverlapOnlyActor works for me so far, for the weapon colliders specifically.

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