Stop animation

How do I stop an animation at a given frame?

I have a character animation that runs for 3 seconds, but I want it to stop at a specific point when the character is in a particular pose that happens at 2.98 seconds how is this done?

Additionally if I want to play the animation mentioned completely then when it ends play another animation how do you do this?

Well to stop an animation at a certain frame, why not just duplicate that animation, and remove all the frames after the one you want it to stop on???

As for your second question, splicing two animations together, you could make a montage add the first animation you want to play, then in the same montage add the second one after it…then when the montage plays it will play the first one, then go right into the second one???

All things are possible in UNREAL…

Can that be done without destroying a character animation?

I dunno, that’s why I said DUPLICATE the original first…

This all depends on how you want to play your animation (ie from regular blueprint or from animation blueprint) also how you store animations (as animation, montage etc). Best course of acttion for you is watching tutorials and reading documentation. This stuff (animation system) is constantly updated, last time i have done anything in it was around december, my knowledge may be already outdated. So best way is tutorials and documentation.

Thanks for that nawrot, I’ve been looking through a variety of different tutorials and documentation, but not having much luck really!

A particular problem is getting a skeletal mesh to reference the target node from the play animation montage function, this just won’t work, I don’t know how to get this to work.