Still trying to have her walk and idle

Hi, All!

Well, I added “rules” determining when my character should walk and idle, which got rid of the error, but hitting the w,a,s,d keys and moving the mouse still cause her to “slide”, rather than walk. It would be a huge help, if someone could watch the 2 minute video, then check out the photos of my blueprints, so they could tell me how to fix this.

You did not select your anim blueprint as animclass. Yours is called “MyAnimationBlueprint” but you’ve choosen “ThirdPersonAnimBP_C” as your anim class. This one usually uses a different skeleton than your imported mesh. So it would not show any animation (neither idle or walking). Select your mesh in the character blueprint and change the pulldown menu that’s a bit above your selected skeleton mesh called “Ultimate_Walk” and choose your “MyAnimationBlueprint”. This should make her already idle perfectly.

Regarding your “speed” values and your missing blendspace node. Currently that are two different solutions. But all of them could be used with custom animations.

Create and use a blendspace (that thing that you have put in the red circle on your screenshot).
A Blendspace only slides between values and you could place animations along that sliding path. For example if you create a blendspace that should only take care about a “Speed” value you have 3 anims: Idle, Walk, Run then you would put all of them on that sliding path. Lets say where the slider is at 0 drag and drop your idle animation, where the slider is 100 drag an drop the walk anim and where the slider is 600 (or any other max value that you have choosen based on your max walk settings in the character blueprint) it should be the running animation. If you pull the slider from 0 to 50 afterwards he would mix the idle and the walking anim (as idle is at 0 and walking at 100 in this example). If you pull it further to 100 it would 100% play only the walking anim. If you pull the slider even further towards 600 it would start running. You only need one state for that blendspace in the statemachine in the animblueprint so far. You create a Blendspace outside of the anim blueprint, drag and drop your animations there (even just 2 are ok if you just have idle and walk) and choose some min and max value for some input channel that should drive the Blendspace afterwards. For example call it speed and choose some min at 0 and some max at 100. Or choose some min at -100 and max 100 if you even have a “backwards-walk” anim. Afterwards you only need one state in the statemachine so far that’s called “IdleWalkRun” and does not play one anim but a blendspace player (so you don’t need any further states yet). From that state you could still add further ones (jumping, swiming, whatever) but “idlewalkrun” could be done in one state if you use a Blendspace. Example:

Or… second possibility, …like you did. Blend between those animations via different states in the statemachine. You would not put your “blendspace slider” to 0, 48, 49, 50, … 100, 300 afterwards but only “true” or “false”. It would not mix 2 animations for a long time in that case but would blend for a short moment when it takes the path from state to state (when it is allowed to do so… for example if your speed value gets 0 or > 0).

It depends on your anims and what you are trying to do if you would create a blendspace or blend between states of single anims (and include some start and stop anims). It seems you are using a “root motion” anim as the character leaves it’s 0,0,0 pos and moves towards the camera in the AnimBP. Usually its easier to use just some inplace anim (the character walks but stays at 0,0,0). The difference is: Inplace = the capsule moves and pulls your mesh (including the anim) through the game. RootMotion = the animation moves and pulls your capsule through the game. Usually root motion looks a bit better (as your speed fits perfect to the movement of the feet) but is more difficult to setup and could cause issues in network games. Inplace is easier, especially in network games but you have to take care that you don’t do some crazy things like “move the capsule fast forwards but play some walk slowly anim”. This would look like some invisible wire would pull your slowly walking character fast through the game.

Thanks again, Neutronux! You’re very knowledgeable and a real lifesaver. Do you make tutorials?