Still no way to have volumetic lightmap accumulate denser in playable areas via volume?

Watching at 40:50 i noticed how some areas have a higher density. Any way i can replicate this to have a even denser distribution in areas with a volume.

at the moment the Volumetric Lightmaps cover a area that is likely never gonna be played in my game. Is there any way I can not generate volumetric lightmaps except for inside lightmass volumes to save performance? For instance they go waaaay up in world space

Volumetric lightmap density volumes will allocate higher density… in theory. In practice I find it is only really useful for making the sample density more sparse. The main issue is that lightmass already allocates the highest density of samples around static geometry, so adding a density volume to add more detail won’t do anything. The only real exception to this is in areas with low indirect lighting, which you also can’t use a density volume to force more samples to because lightmass seems to just not bother sampling areas with indirect lighting below a certain threshold.

Also probably worth pointing out, those VLM samples in the sky cost practically nothing.

Basically if you want a more detailed volumetric lightmap, you should just increase the detail cell size in the lightmass settings.

Decrease detail cell size*

Yes sorry, lower number = more detail.

great to know those lightmap samples in the sky cost nothing. One of my concerns solved!! cheers. Ill try implementing the tips guys, many thanks!

When decreasing detail cell size, you can also allocate more memory per brick (8-point cube of samples with a sample at every point) by increasing Maximum Memory Brick. It increases memory use, but in actuality it’s much better I would think because Lightmass isn’t screwing up sampling data…that is, if you are able to select the correct values for those settings of the global VLM.