Still having camera problems...

I have a lock on system.
When i lock on the camera stays where it is.

I am using a camera boom. Attached to a socket on the character mesh.
The camera is attached the the booms end point.

When i lock on the character rotates and faces the enemy. Just as desired. (Strafe seems to override this partially, but camera first)

Camera though stays right where it is, facing the player…How do i get it to swing around with the player? If i set it’s rotation it ends up facing off in some crazy direction and pretty stuck there…

In the camera boom /camera settings, you can set false “use pawn control rotation”. This may be what you need. (if not always good, you can set it when locking / changing / unlocking)

Yeah…after days of fighting with this i went in right after i posted this and toggled each one of those right there finding it…

But, thank you for the quick response! I really appreciate it. Now back to the crazy landscape material problems.

I was starting to get bit crazy…arrow component with a get look at rotation, setting camera to the same transform every tick.
Something about these camera controls just don’t click in my head…

Seems like every time i get one step forward, Something stops working and the fix breaks something else and i’m stuck for days…ugh.

Okay. If I understand that.
When use pawn control rotation is checked the camera attempts to go to the rotation of the controller (which commonly is direction you are headed)

When I am locked, i am just setting the actors rotation to the target, which gives me the mismatch. (but then why does camera stay on the actor at all and not point off randomly?)

I think i would actually like have the character be able to run toward the camera (which would cause it to slowly rotate around) like N64 games…but this was such an issue I dont think i will bother…
(but sure makes running at any angle ugly looking to the animations right now.

If you want make something on lock with camera without loose mouse movement, you may switch them too. Here is a way to do it, instead of overlapping event, you start switch on new lock, set camera locatinn and come back to regular camera when fight ended (you then still can use pawn control rotation as inherit values will not apply) (beware of music ^^)

Problem I’m having now is actually setting pawn rotation/movement to be relative.

​​​​​The only controls I know how set up are the first/third person and, the static camera twin stick.
i wanted to basically have it set up hybrid.
From CAMERA view you would press up to move away from camera and down for towards it.

As camera rotated with some lag to smooth it out you would shift your finger to keep the pawn moving straight. (Very Mario 64). When you locked I have no problem with camera moving some (and turning off the control rotation. Gets a pretty good effect, I just wanted it mostly behind the pawn so you could see)
…just stuck right now with the whole “world direction” being the input.

Also just added trees which the boom HATES.