Still can't get Stain Decal to work with Forward! Please help.

I’ve posted this before but i’m re-phrasing the issue:

I am using Forward rendering and I need a decal to be projected onto my surface:

My scene uses prebaked lighting so no actual light sources in UE4. but i’m still using standard shader with emissive on. (even though Unlit should in theory work just as well.

I need a modulate Decal or “Stain” as it’s called to work in order to be able to properly project “burnt” dark areas onto the surface. No other overlay mode works for this in the Dbuffer Decal material setup I specifically need the modulate mode.

Even though Google and UE docs say that this method is supposed to be supported I just can’t get it to work.

Has anyone had success with this? Am I missing a step? Or is this a source code modification thing for it to work?

  • I also understand that Dbuffer Decals are those supported in Forward and “Stain” mode does not indicate that its “Dbuffer type” so does this mean that we can’t get any type of modulate decals to work this way?

Thanks in advance.