Sticky Camera (Like Splinter Cell)

Hello my fellow unrealists. I am trying to come up with a way to replicate the “sticky camera” in the ole classic Splinter Cell games where you equip a special weapon that will shoot a camera that will align to the surface it hits and allow you to switch to and control the sticky camera.

I am able to do most easy to mid-difficulty concepts in UE but this one has me a little stuck at the moment (pun intended).

FYI, I do not know C+ so I use BPs.

Here is some info on what the “sticky cam” does in the game if you might not know:

The first few Splinter Cell games were created using UE, maybe a modified version but still the same code base, as far as I can tell. We should be able to replicate this, yes?

I imagine that we:

  1. Trace for hits on world static objects, either a custom collision default or use ‘visibility’.
  2. On return hit success we can spawn a camera at the exact location.
  3. Align camera so it always orients facing up from the surface it hits.
  4. Switch from player camera to the spawned sticky camera, allow control to look with mouse.
  5. Set maximum look range so we do not look into the ground (or wall) aka camera clipping.

If I can get that far, from there I can do other things such as a timer that the camera has to operate before it is auto destroyed, or to release a gas (like in the SC games) or whatever else I might want once we are in “sticky cam mode”.

Here is a video of what I have accomplished so far:
Prototype Video (Splinter Cell Clone)

I appreciate any insight you have to offer, and if you have done something like this before please do lend some advice my way.

Want to collaborate on this little project? I am more than open to working with someone, it would be a fun learning experience.

Thank you!