Stereoscopic material broken for 4.19

Hi everyone,

We have recently upgraded our project to 4.19, took sometime to fix all of the outdated codes and such. One of the thing that broke was our stereoscopic materials. We have components in our program for viewing 360 stereoscopic image/videos. They were working just fine prior to the update. After the engine update, instead of rendering separate part of the texture for each eye the entire image is projected into each eye with the weird split in the middle like the image show in the attachment.

This completely breaks the effect. Is there something we’re supposed to do in the project to fix this or is there a new way of setting up stereoscopic material for 4.19? I have spent sometime searching around but found zero information so far… Thank you in advance.

Hi Sam,

Sure, I attached our material setup below, and thank you.

Please don’t mind the temporary texture there. We’re using this as a dynamic instanced material during runtime and swap out the texture based on user input. And we’re using 4.19.1 if that helps.

Edit #2:
Sorry, kept forgetting to include more information, This material is meant for stereoscopic image with Top and Bottom layout. Quick reference image here from the internet if you need it:!prettyPhoto-321/1/

After spending more time searching around the trying out a few solutions, the attached image is what worked.
Credit where it’s due, I found the solution here: Using “return ResolvedView.StereoPassIndex;”

Now I’m curious, was my previous method just wrong and it’s just a hack that happened to work? Or was it also a applicable solution until 4.19?
I’m also a bit worried about how stable this new solution is, if you guys/girls have anymore information, please let me know, thank you!