Stereo3D side by side

Hello again, well its a long time since i postet a thread over the VR Forum to get -emulatestereo to work.
So it was pretty close to what i want but can not achieve. I would wish there was a way to get this -emulatestereo to
be changeable ingame or before the start. As i have read, Windows 8 also has a native Stereoscopic 3D support.

So, is it possible to set up a Method or a code to actually get the possibility to have side by side ?
The thing is,if the -emulatestereo method would not have such a high fov, it would work. Thats why i scratch my head and wonder
why no one tries to build upon that or the direct x11 native solution. It would be very interesting to have this since VR is not
the best solution for all kind of interactions but you may want to have a deeper experience. I really think the devs or some
interested programmer should just open the possibility to change -emulatestereo ingame.

I guess there are alot of game developers out there who might want to have this too. And as i understand, Nvidea tries to have
a hold on this, to force the consumer to have their hardware or special paid driver. Our projector don´t need this, just two separate pictures
slightly offset. And with the news that direct x11 and Windows 8 has native stereo 3D support , this gap should be closed… or not ?
I don´t want to sound silly, but hey this thing can not be so difficult to set up. But hey i am not a progammer so… well not much options left.



You see, before no one answers, i have made a method that works. Its just not hard coded, not the best solution. And as long as no one reacts and i (can) feel like “oh he is just a noob ignore him” , i won´t share ideas. I don´t want to turn this thread into something personal, but you see the internet lost people that react interested and helpful or respectfull. I know that this was different long time ago. But i can wait. I know , at least for myself what mit skills are and if i would search for that feeling to be acknowledged on the forums, i would feel like a noob. I have learned that the hard way.

So anyway. I want to see an answer on this topic. Even if the person has just thoughta about the possibilty on this. Or anything this person knows.
It can´t be that there is no one around that have answers to this. I strongly believe this can be build or made. I don´t trust programmer sayin " this
is not possible" … i mean look what was has been developed where many other programmers would have said that.

I have also found things that could work, and i would like to share this, but it is probably not compatible with the Unreal EULA or with the Engine itself. I have to read in depth about that

I have tested this, but it did not work. What i was thinking about this is, if it is just a direct x9 dll that makes it to work, what is inside this dll ? There must be a way to somehow implement this there, must be a hint on the internet.

sigh why do i always scratch on things where its not so easy to ask or to think about.

And for all the trollers, haters and co. i am just honest. Nothing more, nothing less. Its for all, not for myself and my moneypocket. Everytime i see the
Unreal Marketplace, i know it will turn the greed on, to not share ideas. I have seen this here on some topics where it was clear that this was the case.

I will also hope that a Unreal Dev might drop by. I am really after this Stereo 3D thing. I want that, for myself and all others in the best way possible.
If the response is that it can not be made, well i guess then i have to show my method then. But i will wait.

Thanks in Advance, and many greetings


Another one

Ok I’ve just seen your message and I’m posting here almost two years after to say that you are -were- not alone. I answered another related post last year making similar questions with similar level of perplexity, and I’m regularly checking to see if a solution appears or at least enough interested people to force a movement from Epic, but nothing. Seing your Youtube channel it seems like you’ve arrived somewere, though

Hey AxSoler , yeah i kinda solved it but iam not happy with it. Theres a new way to get this to work - the SimpleHMD plugin. But - its not so simple to actually use it. I can switch on Stereo 3D whenever i want to inside my blueprint. And i have no idea how to do that with SimpleHMD, which would be the best solution. So - perhaps someone has an idea how to rebuild this Plugin with some switches to enable and disable the S3D Rendering inside blueprints. And the eyepairs needs to be switched.

Greetings, Maternal