Steering behaviors. To make a character walk moving it using forces

Hi. I’m working in some basic steering behaviors with characters that have a walk animation, right now only trying to achieve the wander behavior. I would like to know how i can make the character walk in some random direction, but using vectors to move it as forces instead of MoveTo in a behavior tree. As far as I know I should be doing that in a C++ overriden character component, but im still learning the engine. Right now I have the character walking in random directions using MoveTo. May someone tell me what should I do to do the same using forces?

Also, I will be using a blackboard to be reading the data to move these boids. While I can make the agents read data to move to a certain location, i dont know how to write the blackboard just once so all the steering agents will read that data after. If I use a task, the task will be run by each steering agent and i want to write the blackboard data just once, and after that all the agents read it, how can i do this too?

Thanks very much guys