SteamVoice/3D UMG Widgets broken since 8 weeks

it’s been 8 weeks now that we initially opened this bug report. Steam Voice Chat Cutting Out - UE4 AnswerHub

We gave you 2 sample projects in 4.11 and 4.12, yet Epic fails to reproduce the issue. Tons of other studios reported to the thread that they suffer the same issue, and after closing UE-31605 because it could not be reproduced (!) UE-34081 was created. I then complained about you guys not addressing the issue a few weeks ago. And now we are at 4.13 Preview 3, UE-34081 marked as solved/fix and it’s still broken… I’m getting tired of bug-reporting the same issue over and over. This engine is degrading by adding in too much new stuff without addressing serious issues. It’s always “Getting fixed in the next version”.

The same issue is with 3D UMG Widgets btw, broken in 4.10, fixed in 4.11, broken in 4.12 again, maybe getting fixed in 4.13… You keep telling us we should upgrade to the newest version to get the fixes but then you immediatly, within 2 or 3 weeks jump to the next version and broken features stay broken or take months to addressed… Really annoying to work this way.