Steam VR. Player move forward/fly On the x-axis of the box I'm holding.

Been working on this for a couple of days now. I absolutely cannot figure out how to get my character to follow a box/stick on its x-axis. I need to hold it in my hand like a stick… A stick that I can point into the direction that I want to go/fly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can get any other kind of movement but this is one I’m struggling on. So basically what I want to do. While in VR I want to hold a stick in front of me point it in any direction I choose. Pull the trigger and my character float in that direction. The stick has to be able to be picked up also and be a dropped with gravity physics of course. I have no blueprints at the moment i’m starting from scratch on this one.

[SOLVED] at lest it works atm. I leave my work hear for eyes. works well but i think i got a lot of extra stuff in there atm