Steam online multiplayer client connections


So I have managed to get a basic game setup with steam multiplayer. I am able to package it (shipping) and place it on my desktop and laptop. I used a wifi puc on my laptop and my normal home internet on my desktop and was able to connect to it using 2 different steam accounts that were set to download region San Diego and Seattle. They were both able to host and see each other’s sessions. When sending it to a friend he is both unable to see my sessions and vice versa and is in the Seattle download region (and isn’t visible from either my Seattle or San Diego computer setups). I don’t have another computer to test outside of these two, but is there something that sticks out I could have done wrong and/or some settings he might have that are messing with the setup? Appreciate the help!

And one more thing to add, the steam overlay does not pop up in the bottom right of the screen for either my desktop or laptop.