Steam Multiplayer. Somethings things work, sometimes they don't?

I’m about to ask a vague question, but I’m not sure how else to ask it.

Is full Blueprints and the Advanced Sessions Plugin enough to get a game out there without MAJOR bugs?

I’ve been developing a multiplayer Steam game with straight Blueprints and Advanced Sessions for about 3 years now. I have most of the features, maps, and models all running. Everything looks and feels great. I purchased a steam ID and got everything properly implemented and set up. I have friends who have registered their keys and downloaded the game through the Steam library and we are currently beta testing.

I’m having a lot of issues with quite a few features sporadically working in a Steam match, then, when the match restarts after going back to the lobby, those things run fine. This can happen to anyone who is playing. There is no rhyme or reason to what is happening. Sometimes a widget won’t clear when it’s supposed to for one client, but then it will on the next match. Sometimes a client isn’t allowed to reach their goal via a trigger, then the trigger will work again on the next match. And so on and so on. The problems are so sporadic and hard to pinpoint because I don’t have these issues when testing multiplayer in PIE or Standalone. I’ve come so far with this game, but now with actual beta testing, it works GREAT on local and PIE, but not great on Steam.

Am I just simply not programming things the way they should be? Or is this a deeper issue and true Steam multiplayer requires C++? I’m hoping it’s the first and I just need to dig deeper and fix things in my BP’s. I know this is a lot of text but I’m frustrated and I hope to get a little insight on what to expect when it comes to full Blueprints and Multiplayer. Thanks…