[Steam] Finding online sessions

Hi all,

So I’ve spent the last week or so scouting most “Can’t find online session” post and couldn’t really find any fixes for my issue. Basically, I am working on a online game and I am currently implementing Steam features using Advanced Sessions using 2 computers with two different Steam accounts. I have a Lobby and a Server Search menu that both work perfectly fine when using LAN (Hosted servers show up in a server list, clicking makes the client join the lobby). But I can’t seem to make Steam session appear in my Server List.

I know this is not an issue with my Steam set up since I can invite/join lobbies through the Steam interface as well as using “open steam.XXXX”. Looking at the log (Here), it seems like the client is finding some results but not the one I am hosting. I find it really weird since I have tried using all sorts of filters, and setting the max result to insane numbers to make sure my lobby would be in but nothing is happening. I am mainly testing using Standalone Mode, but I tried Launching it as well with no success. Anyone has any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?


To sum up:

LAN only: Server appears in server list, joining works as expected

LAN server while connected to Steam: Server appears with 9999 ping, joining don’t work (which is normal from what I gathered)

Online server using Steam subsystem: Server doesn’t appear, joining works fine through Steam interface and “open steam.XXXX”