Steam audio broken in packaged builds?

Recently i’ve been tinkering around with implementing Steam Audio in my hobby project and i can’t quite figure out why it’s behavior varies greatly between editor and packaged build.
My test setup relies on realtime calculations instead of pre-baked ones and all of my project settings have been configured to reflect this and within editor it sounds as it should.

However once i try a packaged build (after enabling audio mixer) the implementation seems broken, occlusion is half-broken and reverb seems random and often breaks when listener moves around, cracking or rapidly changing volumes (from cutting out to going WAY too loud).

Am i missing something, i understand that audio mixer (and thus inherently steam audio) are still experimental, but am i missing something? Why does it work correctly in editor environment and appears to be mostly broken in packaged build? Is some configuration not being reflected in .ini files? The PDF from Steam Audio page doesn’t mention anything in regards to enabling the functionality in the packaged/shipped builds.