Steam, Advice on Best Way to Share Maps?

Hello Fellow Game Developers,

Hope you can help with this question. Released a game on the PS4 and now want to release the game on Steam. One of the options that people wanted is to be able to share the maps they created in the game.

Was thinking maybe just having a export button where they could save the map to their desktop and then share it via e-mail or Dropbox. What would be another way to save the maps online so people could upload the map and then other users could see the map within the game and then play it.

How would you even go about this, can Steam house the save games and then you could access them that way or would a website have to be setup and then share out the files?

If anyone has been down this road and can help point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

If you wanted an easy way to share user content within the game you would need your own server hosting for it and implement an API for working with it in your game

Thank you darthviper107 for your advice. Hosting a website and making a API sounds like a lot of time and work. Do you think saving a file to the users desktop and they can share it would be a good ok?

darthviper107, there is a webbrowser plug-in that allows you to go to web-pages inside a Widget, maybe that could be leveraged somehow?

You can save to a file on their desktop just fine, it’s just not ideal for the users, since they would want an easy way to share content. Especially if they’re used to other games where people can make things and share them directly within the game.