Stay up right, while in flight

Hey Folks,

I’m very new to UE4, the reason I started using it, is because I wanted to see if I could make an arcade racer much like the good old ‘Crash Team Racing’

Right now my setup is a ‘car’ (cube) that uses 4 raycasts as a suspension and is controlled by adding force and torque. That I was able to make with the help of this tutorial: [Unreal Engine 4.7+] Hover Vehicle Blueprint Tutorial - YouTube

Now, one of the ways that C.T.R. works in, is that while in flight, the cart automaticly turns itself upright, and the player is still able to make a turn while in the air. I already have my blueprints set up to recognise when all 4 raycasts aren’t on the ground anymore, and so it would go into ‘InFlight’ status.

But here’s the question, how do I make the car automaticly turn itself upright and disable it’s ability to rotate on y(pitch), x(roll) but still be able to turn in the z(yaw)?

(It should be noted I’d rather have the physics still working after achieving the above, but please let me know anyway even if it does break the physics!)

Thanks in advance!