Stationary FP Cockpit View Point and Click


Hi all, just wondering if someone would be kind enough and point me in the right direction. I am looking for a first person set-up(stationary character that sits in a chair but can look around in a 3d environment). The closest thing I have seen to the game I am trying to create is the game Deadliest Catch that has this feel in the attached picture. I just want my character to sit and control the gauges in front of him via point and click. I search point and click but most are 3rd person view and the FP view tutorials make you move in 3d space when clicking. Just looking for a stationary FP view clicking objects in 3d space. Thank you in advance for any links or places to start learning. Norman

Can’t say I’ve played this game but I’d imagine you’d make a real boat and just put a camera in it. Then make the object interactive umg type thinks that respond to clicks.

Tesladev has a tutorial on in world umg. Never placed one on a actor though.

Right, I also want to view around the cabin not just a static camera. I guess somehow either find a way to make the FP actor immovable (except for head, if that is possible) or turn a camera into an actor or pawn that has 180 degree field of view within the cabin but can also interact with the gauges, levers ect…
Kinda like KSP Cockpit view (about 180-200 degree field of view inside the cockpit) and you can interact with the controls