Static Skeletal meshes

Wierd title I know! I’ve created some armor for my character, and imported them as skeletal meshes using my character’s skeleton. But now I want to place them in the world to be picked up. But because they are skeletal meshes using the character skeleton, when I place them in the world, they float as if they were attached to an invisible character. One option seems to be also import static versions of the mesh, but thats a lot of extra work and would be wasting resources.

How do I make the meshes appear on the ground in an efficient manner? So that I can place them properly in the world? (ie, on a shelf, leaning against a wall, etc…)

As far as I know the only way to place them as objects is to make the mesh static.

Skeletal meshes can’t be used as static props… it just never works out.

The only way to do this is to either redo the mesh, or delete the bones in your 3D modelling software.

~ Jason

Create a pose of the armor as you want it to look, either in your art tool or in Persona, and you can use a skeletal mesh component playing that single frame ‘animation’ as the representation in the world.

Michael Noland