Static Meshes Rendering flicker

Need help.

Please refer in attached video.

I am having some weird rendering defect when Set Actor Location (Camera BP) to another location.

In the scene, I have create 2 set of meshes (1 set with furnitures and another set without furnitures) in 2 different location.

I used a UI button to Move my Camera BP actor to and back. And as u can see in the video, during the transition. The meshes shown some flickering or flashing defect.

Previously I used the same script, BP and Level setup in UE 4.17 but this defect do not happen.

Are there anyone here know what is the defect and please provide me a solution.

thank you very much.

I recreate my scene in 4.17 and rendering look just fine.

I would like to confirm is this a bug in ue4.18.

anyone can verify this … thanks