Static Mesh workflow For Buildings in UE4

Hallo! I am about to start modeling the assets for my game (buildings).
My questions is: Should I model the entire building in my 3d modeling software, or should I model out individual pieces of the building (Walls, doors, windows etc…) and then construct the buildings in UE4 editor?
I have seen many people using construction scripts for things like procedural buildings and what not…

My game is open-world so I am concerned that too many individual meshes will cause a strain on the performance.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


I think it depends on size.
You can build entire building if lightmap resolution for that building is ok up to 512.
If lightmap needs more than 512 that means either the building is very complex or huge, split some pieces.
Somehow UDK and UE4 calculates 4x(a) lightmap faster than 1x(2a)(For instance it calculates faster 4x256 than 1x512 but that is only for lightmap calculation time)
Well, that is my opinion.

Thank you for this information! I think I’m going take the rout of modeling out the individual pieces… unless it’s gonna put a huge hit on performance. That way If I don’t like the way something is coming together I can easily modify it, instead of going back to the modeling software.