Static Mesh Visual Bug

Hi at all,

I’m had some issues importing meshes to UE4.
Thats how my Problem looks like (Black areas within the Mesh): see Attached Photo.

What have I done to archive this Problem:

  1. Created an Object within Blender
  2. Exported the Object as “.obj” to zBrush
  3. Created an high and low-Poly with zBrush and exported the High-Poly immediatly after creation
  4. Created a UV-Map for the Low-Poly Object
  5. Exported the Low-Poly as “.obj” to Substaince Painter
  6. Set the Texture and baked it within Substaince Painter
  7. Exported the Texture (not the Mesh itself) for UE4 (It’s a default Export setting within Substaince Painter)

Thanks in advance for your help.

I imported 3 Objects (see attached Photo).

  1. Is a default cube which got round about 6 Faces and is not sculptured + UV-mapped and baked manually with High-Poly. There are no Issues as you can see. The sculpting with zBrush was avoided this time (not done).
    2 and 3. Is like mentioned in my Question.

Basically I didn’t sculpted the first one and did the same steps as mentionend in my Question.