Static mesh sitting on top of another mesh with physics enabled is causing issues


I have a blueprint of a with a physics constraint so that the player can only push the crate along the floor.
Sitting on top of the crate I want some objects eg. work tools - but predictably when the level loads the work tools sitting on the crate/physics constraint affect the physics and movement of the crate.

The work tools are in a blueprint and simulate physics is switched off. I tried attaching the BP_work_tools to the crate with attach actor but that didn’t seem to work.


Suggestions / things to try:

  1. Add the Tools to a Crate blueprint, as meshes within a single BP tend to behave better (the Tools just become cosmetic).
  2. Attach the Tools to the Crate by disabling collision on the Tools and setting it to movable (once the crate is being pushed).
  3. Explore mass / weight settings… Give the Tools physics, but a minimal amount, so that they don’t repel or fight each other.