Static Mesh Perspective Issue from HMD Help PLz


I am making a turret that moves with the HMD so I can make a mechanic similar to the turret in Gun Jack. I.E. I want to see a turret coming out of either side of me when i have the HMD on and have it fire and move with me. Right now i am testing in the Vive. Here is a screenshot of the issue I am seeing. The turret cannon on the left looks like it extends farther into the scene than the turret cannon on the right. Yes its ugly, I’m getting it functional before i hand off to art.

I have the turret mesh parented to the camera in the pawn. I made a low poly turret out of bsp and converted it into a mesh. In editor, I have placed the turret like below so it its centered and behind the camera lens. (this worked for me as a non VR FPS setup)

I have it parented to the camera to move with me. Although i have also tried not making it a child and matching the rotation of the camera and was seeing the same issue. This is my first VR project, am i missing a checkbox / setting or some thing else here that makes me look like dummy? I tried just moving it over a bit manually to see if i could get it to line up, but i haven’t been able to make it look centered that way. Thanks in advance for any help.