Static mesh made from BSP. Lighting problem


To avoid glitches with geometry when using BPS brushes I converted some of them to shtatic meshes. And I have this weird problem with the way they look:

When I get far enough they stop being lighted properly by surrounding lights and just become white.

What should I do to fix that?

Make sure to build your lighting.

Well, yeah, I did. That’s what I get after I build the lighting. Here’s the screenshot with lighting build again:

First screenshots had Preview in the shadows, which indicates that the lighting isn’t built which was why I asked.

Best I can guess is that it’s a lightmap issue, make sure the resolution is high enough and that your UV’s aren’t overlapping or anything. If there’s a problem with the UV’s then it should tell you after you build lighting.

After I build lighting it does not say that there’s any problems whatsoever. That’s why I’m confused about why this is happening.

I had such an problem too, except my mash was completly black. I had to UV Unwrap it in Blender. Maybe it helps :slight_smile: