Static Mesh loses quality when moving farther from it

Hey so I recently updated to the latest version of UE4 (4.20.1) and I noticed that when I place a static mesh it will lose its quality if I go even a little bit farther from right in front of it. I showed in the images how it looks when I am beside it and when I am farther from it. This did not happen before I updated. Is this a new setting (and how do I change it) or is this a bug? This happens with other static meshes too.

Do you use any culling volumes?

Is it the same in viewport and in-game?

No, I did not use any culling volumes and yes it is the same in viewport and in-game.

have you checked you LODs? are you using any complex materials? which version were you updating from?

I updated from 4.19.2 and I’m not using any complex materials. Just the default ones that are set for those static meshes. I did not adjust it at all just placed it and it’s like that.

Is that a model made with a third-party app like 3DS Max or something? Have you tried to re-import it?

Do you get any errors or warnings about UV’s or lightmaps? Looks like it could be in issues with that. If you are working with LOD’s this could be the problem as well. If it is none of those it might be a bug. Try to use that same mesh in a new clean project without anything changed. See if the problem persists.

It’s the infinity blade: fire lands pack.