Static Mesh Lighting In The Distance

Dear UE Community

I’m new to UE and I’m struggling with a dense forest Im trying to create.

Whenever the camera is pointing against the light source, the far out meshes become a almost solid color, without any outlines to be seen. If the camera is pointing away from the light source, this effect seems to fade away.

I’m working with one movable direction light and static lighting is turned off. I’ve tried every workaround listed in the Mesh Distance Fields section of the documentation except Pixel Depth Offset (Render a Normalized Depth Map) as its indicated it only works with static lighting. The only adjustment which seems to have some effect are some settings in the Sky Light and some settings in the Post Process Volume but the results are not satisfying.

I have a very basic understanding on how PBR works but i cant find any solution to adjust the result for different sun angles when illuminating large batches of trees. I’m only able to create a good looking scene from certain angles. As soon as i change the camera 180 horizontally, against the light source. im getting the above mentioned problem. Drastically reducing the number of trees and playing around with fog mitigates this problem to some degree but its not a solution in my case, as i want to create a scene of a bright and sunny forest.

If anyone could help me out or point me to a tutorial, I would be very grateful.