Static Mesh landscape with weird things.........(character floats, inverted controls)

Creating a twin stick shooter/puzzle game…

I’m working on a static mesh that will be the “overworld” map. It’s designed to be a level select by walking over Map points. Your basically 1000 foot tall and walk over this little gold/red gems to bring up a “enter this level” widget.
Looks okay, character moves over ground, scale looks right for what it’s meant to be…but…

1)In this new “level” all the facing is inverted. When i move in a direction i face opposite (character BP has a -1 modifier on these because in my debug level for object interaction it was needed) and the facing control causes the character to face opposite direction
WHY? all game control inputs are the same in the project settings, the inputs are in the character BP…whats going on?

  1. Character walks…funny…Can walk up mountains I wouldnt have expected as the angle is greater than 45 degrees (i assume because they are short compared to the character? they are only about 1.5x height) But when you’re walking over vallies, saddles etc, character doesnt go down. Took me a bit to realize but once you walk up a mountain…that is the characters new “floor” walking out over the plain you float… I tested several things (enable physics only rag dolled me, walking off side of world you do fall, setting player start at a really high Z you fall to the mess and that’s the current “floor”, jumping you go up and fall back to current altitude, etc) What is up with this? you can move up but not down?

Appreciate any input.