Static mesh jumps when moving it to place it

Pls help! I have to do this many times and I am not sure what is going on. I have 2 problems. I have tried with and without world /object transform. I brought over a furniture mesh ie a table with one leg so I could duplicate it to make the other three within Unreal. With BOTHsurface and grid snapping OFF, any duplicate leg immediately (1) jumps down when I drag the x or y axis arrow. Even after Its looks like its pivot (which is at the very top side of the leg) snaps to the floor. Only then, I can can slide the horizontal arrows, but once I get it to the sort-of right place (2) when I drag the Z arrow to bring it up so it is at the same level as the first leg, it jumps horizontally so some other place. I then drag an horizontal arrow but then (1) happens, and then (2) so I go on back and forward between 1 and 2, not able to place the leg on the right place. How do I stop it from snapping down even after I have all snapping off? how do I disable all snapping?

by the way, the ‘floor’ I am referring to is the one I created, I have no idea if it is the same ‘floor’ referred to in the snapping options available in the transform menu from right clicking the mesh. When I click on the Show button on the view port I only have the option to check ‘grid’ and there is no ‘floor’ option. When I try surface snapping it simply jumps everywhere. It is useless.

I will also appreciate any suggestion/approach on placing the three legs. Manually placing each has proven to be a huge pain specially with these snapping problems.

Thanks for any troubleshooting tips to resolve this