Static Mesh Imports

I’m new to UE4. I do mostly level design, and I’ve found that it’s much more efficient to use static meshes to do essentially everything than to use the BSP system. That being said, I come from the Source engine, so I’ve essentially only used brushes in this manner. If I’m going to be getting into static meshes, I want to do it right.

Which program currently has the best support for static mesh imports to UE4? I have to learn a new program anyway, I figure I might as well use the one that’s currently the most effective.

Hi Ckap,

Any program that exports FBX would be your best bet as this is fully support for FBX import into UE4.

Beyond that you will find many different answers on which modeling software to use or start with.]

Personally I use 3Ds Max because this is what I learned with.

Others would suggest Blender because it’s free and has a large user base that can help

Maya is also another good choice.

Here at Epic we use Maya primarily for animations and some modeling along with 3Ds Max for the majority of modeling.

Feel free to ask any more specific questions as the community will surely help point you in the right direction if you have specific needs. Some things are easier to do with different software. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help, Tim. I’ll look into all of those options.

I personally use blender, because it is free and you can do pretty much with it :slight_smile:

Here is a useful link for the static mesh pipeline: