Static Lights do not bake at all

Hey there!

I have problem with my lights baking. All the stationary lights are baking fine, but static do not at all. I’ve read all threads about lighting issues and their solutions on Unreal’s Answers but none of them helped yet.

My scene is originally created with 4.12.5 version (but I tried to open it on 4.14.3 and same problem happen)

Machine: i5-2500K / GTX 970 / 32GB RAM / Windows 7 System

All the lightmap stuff like resolutions, UV’s etc are properly set.

Tried to bake static point lights on a new blank level with some BSPs and it WORKED.

The only warning I get after bake is: “SkySphereBlueprint Collision enabled but StaticMesh (SM_SkySphere) has no simple or complex collision.”

Would be super-grateful for any suggestions, Thank you.

I have been all over looking for an answer.