Static light + movable mesh (no lightmaps) -- is this supported?

This is a duplicate of an AnswerHub question:

I am struggling to get a very basic scene to render correctly on Android. The scene consists of a single rotating (via blueprint) static mesh with a simple material assigned to it. The mesh is marked as movable.

The material only uses a constant base color, everything else is set to default.

The scene contains a single static directional light with default parameters. There is also a PostProcessVolume with all post processing effects disabled. Mobile HDR rendering is enabled.

Here is what I am getting on PC:


And this is what I am getting on the mobile device:


The device is Kindle Fire HDX with Adreno 330 that seems to be well supported. Mobile optimized sample projects such as Strategy Game and Mobile Temple render correctly.

The mobile preview on the PC renders completely black (other than the virtual joysticks).

I am starting to suspect that no dynamic lighting is possible at all on Android at the moment, but then the Strategy Game example seems to work fine and it has moving objects (dwarves) with ‘default lit’ material…

My issue is like that too.Mobile Temple etc is rendered perfectly but for instance when I deploy First Person Shooter template to my nexus 5,materails arent rendered correctly,lights are incorrect and there are no reflections.But Mobile Temple is working perfectly fine.I’m not sure where to look to fix this.

I am going to examine the Strategy Game example more closely to understand what’s going on. My current observations are that the static meshes that they use for projectiles have suspicious emissive color input set (I am now going to try and disable that and see if the projectiles will still render correctly) and that the skeletal meshes (the walking dwarves) are receiving dynamic lighting from the lava lights.


I have removed the emissive input from the projectile material and added a larger spinning version of the projectile static mesh to the map, and it works fine:


Now I am even more confused.


I have tried to increase the intensity on one of those spot lights and while that affected the environment (after the lighting has been rebuilt) that had no visible effect on the spinning mesh. But it clearly does have the red tint on one side. My theory is that since lights are expensive in forward rendering the engine calculates an “average” light or something like that. Only if that is the case I still don’t understand why my scene with one mesh and one light fails to render.