Static Light - baking reflections


I found something like this in the changelog of 4.8: New: Rendering light shape into reflection captures for static lights.

Can someone explain it to me how this works? Can I have a point light with reflections baked into the reflection sphere? I tried to make it in 4.14 but I don`t have any reflections whatsoever.


The effects of a static light only show up in the baked lightmaps which means they wouldn’t show a highlight or reflection, so that option should render that into the reflection capture actor

Yes, I know how lights work in UE but I don`t see any informations about baking reflections from static lights into reflection captures. I put a point light with sphere/box reflection capture, baked lighting and there is no reflections. Of course I do have reflections in the scene etc. Also there is a skysphere and skylight. From what I know there was never a way to have static light reflections after baking and that “new features” is a mystery for me. There is no description how should it work.

So someone know how to turn on this option maybe ? I think that this can be super usefull and there is no info about that.