Static Camera with Collision


I’m trying to setup a camera that is not directly controlled by the player but is sent movement information via blueprint. So I used the “Set View Target with Blend” to set the camera and now I can move it as needed in the level blueprint. However, collision does not work, how can I get collision to work? Is there a better way to set this up in blueprints?


Is the camera that you are moving remotely in a blueprint class? If not, I would add it as a camera component along with a capsule/box collision. Make sure to set the collision box properties correctly, and it should have collision after that.

I’d prefer to do everything from blueprints so I deleted my “Set View Target with Blend” node in my level blueprint and moved everything to my character BP. This is what I currently have in my character BP. Pressing 1 does nothing though so I’m trying to figure that out.


Now I am not really sure what you are after, do you want your camera to move independently from your character/player? If so, I would make an actor class for the camera system, instead of setting it up in the character blueprint. Also, if you are moving the capsule component, make sure that the camera component is a child of the capsule. If the camera is moved by certain actions of the player, you could store a reference of the camera system in your character, or you can cast to it when you want to move the camera.

I guess I am a little confused on the best method. I just need to move the player via blueprints using a method similar to the image I linked above. Pressing a button moves the character a set distance forward (or any direction). Perhaps I need to take a step back and look more broadly for a solution.